Game Server Setup

Getting it right the first time

Finished a ton of guides so far.  I now realize that some addition help for people may be needed when it comes to configuration and mods of certain games.  I will expand on that for game after I finish the next set guides.  Videos are still needing to be done for most of the game server setup guides.

Guides currently being developed


Guides that have been completed and confirmed!

 If you’re looking for a specific game server setup guide for a specific platform use the the contact form to get in touch with me and I will put it at the top.  If one of the current guides is not working for you just leave a comment on the guide with as much details as possible.  Be careful with adding to many links as that may get caught in my spam filter for the site and I may miss your comment.  I do not spam email address or any of that junk, just use it to communicate :).

I also highly recommend using pictures to help me understand your issue.  Just take a snip with microsoft snipping tool and upload the image to for me to check it out!