7 days to die server hosting

7 days to die server hosting


So you want 7 days to die server hosting but you are not sure which game server host is correct for you.  If you want to setup your own 7 days to die server without paying a game server hosting company check out our 7 days to die setup guide.


1. GameServers.com

Gameservers.com has a rich hosting history with 7 days to die.  They strive to have 99.999% uptime with all their game servers as well as use the best hardware for 7 days to die server hosting.  Each server comes with a powerful Xeon process, ECC RAM, Custom Control Panel, and SSD harddrives.  On top of that you get a world wide and best in class rated network  to connect to.  Gameservers.com as been a leader in game server hosting and their 7 days to die server hosting is not different.  The major downsides that I find with gameservers.com is that they do not provide phone support and they are bit more per month then most users.  The no phone support is pretty standard for game server hosting.  Only a few smaller companies actually provide it and most of the time it is leave a message phone support.  Overall Gameservers.com gets the number one spot for 7 days to die server hosting.


Bluefangsolutions is a host thats been around and supports most alpha games as soon as they release.  Because of the early support of poorly coded software they sometimes have issues with server going offline that is beyond their control.  For 7 days to die I could not find any mention of major downtime while scouring the nets.  This bodes extremely well and most gamers seem happy with their 7 days to die server hosting provided by bluefang.  They also offer live chat for support which I find to be really useful instead of the basic ticket system that most game server companies have.

3. OC Networks

OC networks is a host that popped in 2014.  They have had a bit of a ruff start with DDOS attacks and the basic learning curve that every new company has but have powered through and always offered refunds when they are at fault with issues.  Becuase they do not just take the money and run that other providers have been accused of I added them to the list of 7 days to die server hosting.  They only have a network in Europe now but plan to open up a datacenter in the United States to provide support to us Yanks.  The pricing is lower then other hosts even with the added VAT.  If you are looking for a Europee host give OC Networks a look.

4. blackboxservers.net

Blackboxservers.net is a relatively new company for game server hosting.  They have had a decent track record for being new but do have record downtime on record.  Their networks are smaller then gameservers.com and can be taken down by a moderate sized DDOS attack.  The pricing is cheaper but some people have experienced major problems with the provider.  Here is a thread where one such issue is discussed.  https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?20240-Blackbox-servers-Theft

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