7 days to die Server Mods

7 days to die Server Mods

If your wondering what you can do with your server here some of the popular mods you can add to your 7 days to die server. If you want to setup your own server check out the 7 days to die server setup guide

BloodSinger’s Advanced Recipe Editor

Forum Thread
Change Log


It is exactly as it sounds.  This mod allows you to easily edit recipes to make stuff in 7 days to die.  Instead of manually editing the XML file for recipes it you can now use a drag and drop editor to create!

Hal’s PreFab Editor

Forum Thread
Install Video


This a community tool to create new maps.  It is pretty basic but gets the job done.  Right now it is only stable if you create something less then 700x700x20 blocks.  Anything over seems to cause server crashes.  If you were looking for a tool to edit maps with check this one out!

TTP Save Game Viewer

Link To Site
Forum Thread (includes changelog)


This tool lets you upload saved games files and view player items, steamIDs, and names.  Helpful for when your looking for anomalies.


I will continue to update this list and if you have any suggestions please leave a comment below!  Really hope we get some more mods in the future!

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