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Game Server Setup

Our goals:

Compile a complete list of guides for setting up game servers.

Easy to use and accurate information

Provide hardware requirements and Network statistics for Game Servers using information provided by the community.

I was suprised to find that no one really gathered the data for setting up game servers and how much time it took to find the right guide to work.  I then decided to setup gameserversetup.com in order to compile all the guides that work for me into one place.  If you find something not clear or not working please leave a comment on the guide for me to look over.  Many game server setup guides I have are still a work in progress and incomplete.

I hope to have everything finished and functional by the end of 2014 and if you would like to help make guides please let me know by adding a comment to a guide and Ill get you an editor account setup!



Game Server Setup recieves a commission if you decided to rent a game server through gameservers.com which will help us purchase games, pay for hosting, beer, and other needed necessities to make the site run.  Thank you if you support us either through purchase or by helping make the guides better for future readers!