ARK: Survival Evolved Dedicated Server Setup

ARK: Survival Evolved Dedicated Server Setup


ARK: Survival Evolved Dedicated Server setup is pretty simple at this time.  ARK: is an early Access game so many features may change and this guide will keep up to date with configuration/setup of the dedicated servers.  If you are having trouble just leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


ARK: Survival Evolved Dedicated Server Ports:

UDP: 27015

UDP: 27016

UDP: 7777 Thanks SilverLlama!

TCP: 32330 RCON (Optional)

You will need to port forward and allow the port through all firewalls on your network.  Use to find your modem/router model number and how to forward the ARK dedicated Server ports.


Windows ARK: Survival Evolved Dedicated Server Setup

I am running the server through on a GB network with a dual core processor and 8GB of RAM. It is a clean server 2012 server so some prereqs you will have if you run other games on your server.  I hope to run some statistics on hardware requirements for ARK dedicated servers in the future.


Direct X (Included with download, C:\arkserver\_commonredist\DirectX)

Visual Studio 2013 (Included with download C:\arkserver\_commonRedist\Vredist\

Download SteamCMD and Extract it:


Create a folder where you wish to store your ARK: Survival Evolved Dedicated Server Files (C:\ArkServer)


Doubleclick the extracted SteamCMD.exe file.  It will start downloading the rest of steamcmd.  Once you reach the prompt type the following.


login anonymous

force_install_dir C:\ARKServer\

app_update 376030 validate

You can close the application once the download has finished.  You can also download the entire game and the server files are included in the game folder.


You can start the standard server by browsing to the C:\ArkServer\shootergame\binaries\win64\ and creating a batch file:

Right click > New text Document

Change name >Serverstart.bat

Open the new batch file in a text editor and place the code into it.  Save the file.

Change the code below as needed.

start ShooterGameServer "TheIsland?SessionName=GameServerSetup?QueryPort=27015?ServerPassword=MyPassword?ServerAdminPassword=MYPassword?listen"

Make sure your forward the ports and allow them through the firewall.

Double Click the serverstart.bat to launch your server!

To update the server just run the code above again.

Linux ARK: Survival Evolved  Dedicated Server Setup

Testing on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Server 64bit using


So, you like to do things the hard way?  This procedure worked for me.  If you are doing this on a VPS you will need to add a user with sudo privileges and possibly modify your iptables.

OS Preperation

There are a few OS parameters that need to be changed for ARK: SE to run correctly.  It’s fairly easy to do, just enter the following commands one at a time at the shell prompt.  When it asks for your sudo password enter the password you used to login on the server.

echo “fs.file-max=100000” | sudo tee -a /etc/sysctl.conf

sudo sysctl -p /etc/sysctl.conf

echo “* soft nofile 100000” | sudo tee -a /etc/security/limits.conf

echo “* hard nofile 100000” | sudo tee -a /etc/security/limits.conf

echo “session required” | sudo tee -a /etc/pam.d/common-session

Your terminal should look like this;

ARK Survival Evolved soft hard nolimits commands

Since we are on Ubuntu we need to open up the ports on the firewall.

sudo iptables -A INPUT -p tcp –dport 27015 -j ACCEPT

sudo iptables -A INPUT -p udp –dport 27015 -j ACCEPT

sudo iptables -A INPUT -p tcp –dport 27016 -j ACCEPT

sudo iptables -A INPUT -p udp –dport 27016 -j ACCEPT

sudo iptables -A INPUT -p tcp –dport 7777 -j ACCEPT

sudo iptables -A INPUT -p udp –dport 7777 -j ACCEPT

And finally,

sudo /sbin/iptables-save

Just a note.  You may not need to have all of those open, and you might actually need more to be open (I’ve seen ARK try and use port 14001 as well..)  There really doesn’t seem to be a solid answer on this.  Hopefully some day it will be correctly documented.

SteamCMD Install

Since we are on a 64bit OS we need to install the 32bit libraries for SteamCMD to work.

sudo apt-get install lib32gcc1

First lets create a directory for SteamCMD, and then switch to it.

mkdir ~/steamcmd

cd ~/steamcmd

Use the following command to download SteamCMD.


Now lets extract the files.

tar -xvzf steamcmd_linux.tar.gz


Launch SteamCMD



Getting ARK: SE on your server

Congratulations!  You should new be at the SteamCMD prompt which should look like this; Steam>

First we can login and download ARK: SE as anonymous.

login anonymous

Second we need to set our install path.

force_install_dir ./ark

Third, lets download ARK: SE!

app_update 376030 validate

If you get an error 0x402 while downloading the file just run app_update 376030 validate until it finishes.

Now quit the SteamCMD app and go back to the command prompt.



We are almost there.  Now we need to create a script to launch the ARK: SE server and pass some options to it.

Lets start by moving to the ARK: SE folder where the server binaries are.

cd ark/ShooterGame/Binaries/Linux

Then lets create the script with the nano editor.


Now enter the following in to the document. You will need to replace all options with <> with values of your own.  Remove the <> as well eg; SessionName=<server_name>? to SessionName=GameServerSetup World?.  If no join password is desired remove ServerPassword=<join_password?.

#! /bin/bash

./ShooterGameServer TheIsland?listen?SessionName=<server_name>?ServerPassword=<join_password>?ServerAdminPassword=<admin_password> -server -log

Here is an example of what it should look like on your screen;


To close nano hit Ctrl + X and Y to save.

Next we need to make the script we just created executable.

sudo chmod +x

Finally, to run your ARK: SE server simply run.



Since the update 171.0 there have been some formatting changes! Here is the new format for the INI in your GameUserSettings.ini, please update your INI’s accordingly and you shouldn’t have any further issues:

You can find it here:



DifficultyOffset=0 to 1


  1. DerikDerik06-02-2015

    When I attempt to run the dedicated server on a VPS, I get “X3DAudio1_7.dll not found”. Any ideas on how to go about fixing that on Windows server 2008 R2 running as a VPS?

    • NicoABTLNicoABTL06-03-2015

      You need to install DirectX on the VPS.

      Install from C:\arkserver\_commonredist\DirectX

      exe file is DXSETUP

      Hope this helps!

    • SeanSean10-01-2015

      It’s because you haven’t installed the pre req’s.

      They are included in the download under your “arkserver” folder under “_CommonRedist”

      Install both directx and vcredist and that should be fixed

    • DanielDaniel02-04-2016

      Hey I’ve been playing this game on xbox one for a while now the last 20 or so days it hasn’t let me in saying adress not found. I have deleted a saved data installed and re installed 7 times can’t seem to find anyone to help with this issue it still won’t let me in i have no idea what do do now any help would be great

  2. JohnJohn06-03-2015


    I get all of the way to the point where I input “force_install_dir C:\ARKServer\”, but when I do I’m told to select a non steam download folder. I would appreciate any info you may have to fix this problem. I would love maybe a short video of the process if you have one on youtube already please let me know.

    Thank you,

    • NoxNox06-03-2015

      Hey John,

      First make sure you are in steamcmd.exe.

      Next try pointing to a different folder (create it first of course).

      I am still trying to get connected to my server…. I think it is a routing issue with my host but will update as soon as they get back to me.


  3. LewisLewis06-03-2015


    After it is fully validated it says error State 0x106


  4. maxisatanmaxisatan06-03-2015

    I’ve got an “Failed to open descriptor file ‘../../../Administrator/ShooterGame.uproject’ ” error 🙁

    • maxisatanmaxisatan06-03-2015

      Update! Everything is working but I can’t see my server in the server list now 🙁

      • aeroaero06-03-2015

        Same here 🙁

      • bread025bread02506-03-2015

        my friend and me all same with you

        we all windos8.1

        what about you?

        maybe its wrong with windows8.1?

      • HookHook06-26-2015

        I suggest using the steam servers. Go to steam, then view at the top right, then servers, filters, ark survival. and boom refresh go to name of your buddies server and favorite it.

  5. StevenSteven06-03-2015

    How did you get to set up port forwarding for you? I’ve spent the last 8 hours back and forth with them in support tickets. So far they’ve told me that:

    1. Setting up servers is outside the scope of their support
    2. I am the only one with the ability to set up port forwarding
    3. Windows Server only supports having a single port open at a time

    The person who I’ve been in contact with is utterly useless.

    • NoxNox06-03-2015

      You do not need port forwarding from them. You have a public IP the issue was EXSI had a bug that was stopping the port. They patched it now.

      • RhoxRhox06-04-2015

        Are you sure?
        I cannot get my server to show up at all when I host from them, and I too have been in a several hour long email affair with, thankfully, a very helpful support member named Praveen. Praveen politely opened ports for me in windows firewall, and has been consistently trying to help me get it to work, but I fear he has run into a dead end with his understanding now, and I don’t foresee any soon to be fixes happening.
        Even with windows firewall disabled, a simple test from shows that the necessary ports are not open to that machine.
        Help me. Help Praveen. What are we missing? Why did yours work?

        • GuyGuy06-07-2015

          1st it takes almost 10 – 15 mins for the server to start and or show up on the server list

          2nd I am not sure, but I think you need to have steam installed and logged into

          3rd gotta make sure visual studio 2013 is installed along with dx

          Remember, wait 10 – 15 mins for the server to show up on the list

    • NoxNox06-03-2015

      Number three is a freaking lie…. what kind of engineer would say that is beyond me….

  6. KwahnKwahn06-03-2015

    I followed this guide and got the server running, but when i open the game and go to the session list it tells me there are no sessions found. Any suggestions?

    • ReconixReconix06-03-2015

      I had this issue, just close the game and open it up again.

  7. ReconixReconix06-03-2015

    I have the same problem in the video with the server list, I can’t actually see the server in the list, I’m doing this locally as a test.. Strange stuff.

    Plus if you use the host setup provided by the game it closes the game and runs the svr, cool but now steam won’t let you run the game itself…

    Also for anyone wondering where the settings files are they’re located @
    \ShooterGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor && \WindowsServer\

    Plus if anyone got this running on a Linux server please let me know.

    • NoxNox06-03-2015

      Ill let you know when the linux version is out and I figure that beast out. Try completely disabling your firewall/antivirus for testing your server.

      • ReconixReconix06-03-2015

        Yeah, did that but no joy, tried the trick by just directly loading :

        ShooterGame.exe +connect localhost:7777

        and also tried via steam’s lan,

        same problem though, just get a smoky loading screen with an A in the bottom right.

        Yeah, disabled firewall…
        Not sure what else to try now.

  8. LewisLewis06-03-2015

    EVERYONE… the server has to be opened for around 10 minutes and then it will appear on the server list… now joining… i still cant join my own server

  9. lukaslukas06-03-2015

    Why NUNU WHY!!

  10. NorryTheARKNorryTheARK06-03-2015

    Im hosting a server and my friends are also hosting servers. but when I try to join my own server I can’t can someone tell me where I write in the files so I may join or does this seems to be an issue that may be resolved with patches?

  11. RhoxRhox06-03-2015

    I’m getting “Error! App ‘346110’ state is 0x1 after update job.” During my initial update install. Has this number changed with a game update or something? I don’t speak computer.

    • RhoxRhox06-03-2015

      Update, when I try again, it stops immediately and gives me different similar numbers.
      “Error! App ’346110′ state is 0×602 after update job.”

      • RhoxRhox06-03-2015

        New Update : HARD DRIVE SPACE! Of course. Cleared out some room, and it seems to be working now.

  12. AdamAdam06-04-2015

    Using cheapwindowsvps, the exact pack you are suggesting, I can’t connect to the server.

    I have followed this guide and even tried out several other guides but none work. I have the ports opened up in Windows Firewall on the VPS, but the server is still not visible in the session list ingame.

    First I thought that the server was loading slow so I had it sit for 1hour and I still can’t see it.

    • RhoxRhox06-04-2015

      I am having this problem too. My friend is helping me get around it. Basically your server is probably up, you just can’t see it. Go to servers in steam and add your own ip as a favorite, see if it shows up.
      If so, you’ll have to make yourself a link to join the server, I’m still learning that part myself.
      Good luck!

      • AdamAdam06-04-2015

        Aye, I can see the server in the Steam server browser, but I can’t join the server from it.

        • RhoxRhox06-04-2015

          I’ve given up. It seems like the only way too join a server is to not share a network with it.
          I’m renting a VPS
          I’ll let you know how it goes.

          • AdamAdam06-04-2015

            Apparently there is a loading bug that they are working on fixing. Maybe it will work properly when that is fixed. They are planning on releasing the fix today.

          • RhoxRhox06-04-2015

            They’ve been great about pushing out updates. I am sure they will get it fixed quickly.

  13. DoyouthinktheysaurosDoyouthinktheysauros06-04-2015

    Steam CMD opens and closes really fast. How do I fix this?

  14. DoyouthinktheysaurosDoyouthinktheysauros06-04-2015

    Never mind, it seems steam cmd doesn’t support non english characters.. hmm

    • NoxNox06-04-2015

      I did not know that! Thanks for the information.

  15. ReconixReconix06-04-2015

    The new updates fix every thing now =)

  16. JCJC06-04-2015

    KeyValues Error: LoadFromBuffer: missing { (current key: ‘▌∙▲≈)≈┴²N·R∙U≈Ñ⌠°²~ ├ ä²π√ª☺¡■R☻■☺. ╝ V√»■@■╩ⁿ²·└♠l♣!’) in file C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamap
    ps\appmanifest_226320.acf [offset: 53]

    ..\tier1\KeyValues.cpp (2573) : Assertion Failed: Error while parsing text KeyValues for resource C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\appmanifest_226320.acf
    Assert( Assertion Failed: Error while parsing text KeyValues for resource C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\appmanifest_226320.acf ):..\tier1\KeyValues.cpp

    Setting breakpad minidump AppID = 346110
    [2015.06.04-21.22.15:434][ 0]LogMemory: Platform Memory Stats for WindowsServer
    [2015.06.04-21.22.15:434][ 0]LogMemory: Process Physical Memory: 38.64 MB used, 38.64 MB peak
    [2015.06.04-21.22.15:434][ 0]LogMemory: Process Virtual Memory: 29.10 MB used, 29.53 MB peak
    [2015.06.04-21.22.15:434][ 0]LogMemory: Physical Memory: 5514.54 MB used, 16311.38 MB total
    [2015.06.04-21.22.15:434][ 0]LogMemory: Virtual Memory: 211.21 MB used, 8388608.00 MB total

    I dont know whats up but this is what im getting. please advise. I went to can you see me and it doesnt see them either.

    • NoxNox06-04-2015

      That is a new one…. Try updating the server first. Removing all files and redownloading them….

      • JCJC06-04-2015

        im using the game installati0on filesfolder

        • JCJC06-04-2015

          Brand new installation and the same thing is happening.

      • JCJC06-04-2015

        I figured out the issue. Its a corrupt appmanifest. only issue im having is the port forwarding now. Ive done everything exactly like it says and its just timing out. even port80. im so frustrated right now. ive turned off windows firewall. if theres something that will help your let me know ill try and get it to you.

  17. MBlastaMBlasta06-04-2015

    How do you set the slots on the server?

    • NoxNox06-04-2015

      MaxPlayers=”70″ or whatever number you want

      • MBlastaMBlasta06-04-2015

        Where do you find that variable is what I’m asking.

        • ChrisChris06-05-2015

          You Just add it in the .bat script. This is what works for me:

          start ShooterGameServer “TheIsland?SessionName=Reds-Server?QueryPort=27015?ServerPassword=somepasword?ServerAdminPassword=somepassword?MaxPlayers=10?listen”

        • ChrisChris06-05-2015

          Here the correct reply lol.
          As you can see, in this script I have set the maxplayers to 10. You can just change it to a different number. There are other parameters you can use but these work for me.

          start ShooterGameServer “TheIsland?SessionName=RedsServer?QueryPort=27015?ServerPassword=password?ServerAdminPassword=password?MaxPlayers=10?listen”

          On a other note, is it normal for the game server to use 4 to 5 GBs? I thought it was a memory leak at first but it just stays arround 4 to 5 GBs. Apart from that the game runs great without any lag (2 people in the server)!

  18. vackillersvackillers06-06-2015

    hey man thanks a lot for the guide I’m having some problems though… I have managed to get the server to show up on the steam servers under LAN and not in game, but when i try to connect to it it just says “Attempting to join server” and then stops and goes back to the main menu…. and I’ve forwarded all the ports correctly too!! through my router and windows 7 firewall any help would be appreciated!

    • NoxNox06-06-2015

      My server does not always show up in the standard server browser. Sometimes I see it, sometimes I do not.

      For the log in issue that means something is wrong with port 7777. If you have nmap you can check that port and make sure it is open.

      • vackillersvackillers06-06-2015

        thanks for the reply but I don’t know what else to do… I have even run the router in DMZ mode and it still wont work…. I am wondering If I could use Tuungle to force that through my router… always seems to work but I dunno if tuungle will work with ARK.

        • ChrisChris06-06-2015

          You could check if the server is starting correctly. The problem I had in the beginning was that my server had 4 GB of RAM but the game wanted more.

          I had to give my virtual server (hosted on my own pc) 8 GB of RAM in order for the game server to run properly, The game uses 5 GB, at least in my case.

          It may or may not be the cause of the issue your having, but you can always check to be sure 🙂

          • NoxNox06-07-2015

            Seem like 5 is the bare min right now. I am testing the new patch that came out to see if this had changed.

          • KedavixKedavix07-11-2015

            To all who are still having difficulties:

            Disabling Windows Firewall, forwarding the 7777 (server), 27015 (query), and 27011 (publish) ports were only the first steps for me to get it working. To get the server to be publicly accessible via Steam servers, I had to disable IPv4 SPI firewall on my router because DMZ configuration did not fix the issue.

            My locally hosted game server now shows up and my two friends and I have been able to join without a problem for the past several days.

            Running server v185.5, using ARK Server Manager v1.0.0.57

          • NoxNox07-11-2015

            Thank you for your comment!

  19. BradBrad06-06-2015

    I can find my server on the server lists but whenever I try to join it says connection timed out.

    • UltimaUltima06-07-2015

      I am having the same issue

      • NoxNox06-07-2015

        Is the server on the same network as your gaming machine?

        • BradBrad06-07-2015

          I found out the reason, for some reason my steam goes offline every-time I use steam.cmd

  20. HollyHolly06-06-2015

    I’m completely new to server hosting and wondering if it’s possible to be talked through how to set up my own server for myself and friends to use

    • MBlastaMBlasta06-07-2015

      Holly, look me up on steam. Marello Longbeard.

  21. JasonJason06-07-2015

    I wanted to host a 10 slot server like this site says but when I go to the hosting site, the lowest option is 40. Is there a way to get a 10 slot?

    • CalebCaleb06-24-2015

      You’re correct Jason, I also only see the rate starting at 40 slots.

  22. GoshenGoshen06-08-2015

    They are right, it pegs the CPU for 10-15 minutes then the cpu usage drops and the server becomes available. It must be pre-generating the world. I was starting to think the port forwarding was not correct, but when the cpu dropped it showed up.

  23. DirrotDirrot06-08-2015

    Can’t wait for a linux, espacially ubuntu, tutorial of this. go 4 it! plz.

  24. SolomonSolomon06-09-2015

    I try click the serverstart command and it starts the server then quickly closes, what is wrong?

    • NoxNox06-09-2015

      Make sure preqs are installed and you are fully updated.

      • SolomonSolomon06-09-2015

        how do I install preqs and what do you mean by fully updated?

        • NoxNox06-09-2015

          Pre reqs are in the folder that you downloaded from steamcmd. Fully updated as in windows updates 🙂

          • SolomonSolomon06-09-2015

            So I already have them or do I have to go into that folder and download them?

          • NoxNox06-09-2015

            You already have them. Look under C:\arkserver\prereqs or whatever it was… DX and C++ are what you need

  25. AlexAlex06-10-2015

    I get:
    Failed to open descriptor file “../../../shootergame/shootergame.uproject”
    How to fix that?

  26. DeiyvienDeiyvien06-12-2015

    Is it possible to make a batch file to update the server?

  27. jonasjonas06-15-2015

    how can i host this on my own ip i have a prot forward going but what to do ?

  28. michaelmichael06-18-2015

    I can’t open the .bat file??? (i’m on windows 8) It says my pc can’t run the app and that i should look for a compatible version?

    • michaelmichael06-20-2015

      ^The problem was fixed, but i’ve encountered a new one. It says “CreateBoundSocket: ::bind couldn’t find an open port between 27015 and 27015” but I have forwaded the ports?

  29. ZenZen06-18-2015

    Would this work rather then the .bat ?

    shortcut properties in target
    “c:\path\to\exe\program.exe” -option1 -option2
    Only the program path and name need to be enclosed in quotes.

    Create a shortcut for ShooterGameServer.exe
    shortcut properties in target
    C:\program file(86)\steam\steamApps\common\ARK\shooterGame\Binaries\Win64\ShooterGameServer.exe -TheIsland?SessionName=GameServerSetup?QueryPort=27015?ServerPassword=MyPassword?ServerAdminPassword=MYPassword?listen

  30. LostsouloganLostsoulogan06-20-2015

    Ok I get this problem when starting the server.

    • dndbraethdndbraeth11-28-2015

      I have the same problem any one know how to fix it?

  31. RailistRailist06-30-2015

    Its not working 🙁
    I have done everything and i believe the server is working fine. But i seem to have an issue opening the ports. Iv gone into the router itself, and tried 3rd party apps but the ports still seem closed. well its not appearing on the server list even after waiting 30 min.
    Any ideas would be great

  32. BishwotyBishwoty07-03-2015

    how does one choose options like difficulty and crosshair usage and such for the server?

  33. KedavixKedavix07-11-2015

    Please see my comment above at for a possible solution to those getting the server to run, or even appear in the list but are unable to connect publicly.

  34. CliftonClifton08-03-2015

    I have a small issue. I followed the dirrections and video (three times to make sure I am doing things correctly). I can make the server, just doesnt seem to be placed on the internet for my buddies to join (LAN only in otherwords). I believe my issue is with step one (port forwarding). The website you mention doesn’t seem to have Ark listed. Me and a friend have looked and couldn’t find it.

    • NoxNox08-03-2015

      Hey Clifton,

      You need to forward port 27015 and 7777 in order to access it from the internet.

  35. RichardRichard08-13-2015

    How am I able to change the rates of my exp, gathering resources, taming speed, etc?
    I’ve seen so many servers that have all kinds of values and I’d like to have my own value for it as well.

  36. Arfian AdamArfian Adam08-22-2015

    Hello, thanks for the article, very awesome game. However i have a question. Currently i cant afford a vps/dedicated server, but i have an old laptop running core 2 duo with 2gb ram. Can i use it as a server? I have no problem setting up the server whatsoever, just asking if this is enough. Thanks! ^^

    • RiccousRiccous09-29-2015

      I’m not sure this is still relevant to you but. ARK server requires 6 GB of ram just to start and 2.3 GB to 3.2 GB just to run with no players logged in. So no 2 will not work.

  37. davdav09-26-2015

    Help please: I create a server but it is not visible on the Internet only in the local network. Ports and DMZ on the router opened a little help. Although the server normally appears on the Internet. I understand how to create the server assumes the computer within the network ip m e (192.168.1.HHH) instead of ip internet.

  38. RobRob11-25-2015

    when running the update server batch file, after installation, it downloads the full installation every time you need to patch the server, is there any way to just download and apply the patch data rather than the entire game every time there’s an update.

    • RiccousRiccous11-25-2015

      Unfortunately that’s the way that it is.

  39. SiltholowenSiltholowen12-03-2015

    I’ve created the server, but when I go to find it using my IP address it says server not found. Any solutions?

  40. liccolicco12-29-2015

    do you have any idea how can i port forwarding on tp-link 8980? for ark..
    still confusing with this…

  41. NoctNoct02-21-2016

    i alrdy allow firewall.. but i dunno how to port forward.. bcoz i use vps.. windows server 2012 r2 datacenter .. would u help me port forward ?

    • RiccousRiccous02-23-2016

      Hello, I’m not sure why you would want to use port forwarding?

  42. AnthonyAnthony03-13-2016

    I have followed this to the letter, and my server will not show up on at server list. All the correct ports and forwarded. And the CMD has no errors. The cmd says primal data too 58.02 seconds, Full startup in 80 seconds, and shows how many cores, but the server is not being displayed.

    • RiccousRiccous03-16-2016

      How long did you wait to see if your server would show up? Sometimes it can take a while.

  43. SidewinderSidewinder04-13-2016

    At the risk of sounding silly… the server ports are supposed to be out/in, right? single source/destination? or single source/any or any/single destination? Thank you

    • RiccousRiccous04-13-2016

      Yes, the ports will be out/in. I’m not sure why you would be asked about port source and destination port. Would you be able to send me a screen shot and some more info? You can use the “contact me” form.

  44. AddisonAddison07-03-2016

    I got all the way to app_update 376030 validate, but when it was done, it said there was an error. Is the number out of date? Or if not, what could be the problem? Thank You.

    • AddisonAddison07-05-2016

      Nevermind I figured it out.

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