ARK: Survival Evolved Server Hosting

ARK: Survival Evolved Server Hosting

1 – Host Havoc


Host Havoc is relatively new to the game server hosting scene but have put themselves up at the top of the list for their great hosting prices and fantastic support!  They have server located in both Canada and France for ARK: SE.  They also feature the following options,

  • No branding
  • Command line manager
  • Configuration file manager
  • Full FTP access and a file manager
  • Automated updates and restarts
  • One click mod installs + ARK Remote support!

Their ARK: SE hosting prices start at $17.50 per month


2 – GamerServers


The major downside for is that they are bit more expensive then other hosts.  That is what happens when you build out a DDOS protected network with a global reach.  The network is not only hardened but connected directly to all the tier 1 providers with peering agreements.  This makes connecting to friends super fast and easy when it comes to ARK: SE or any other game on their list.

  • SSD Harddrives
  • Tier 1 Network
  • DDOS Protection
  • 24/7 Support
  • Public or Private available
  • Modding supported
  • Custom GamePanel
  • 128 Tick-Rate Available

3 – ViLayer


ViLayer has been in the hosting world since 2009 and it shows with how reliable their servers can be!  Whether you are looking for webhosting, vps or a gaming host ViLayer can help you out with that.  While they do have datacenters all over the world it is advised that you make sure that the game you are looking to host is available in the area you want (they have ARK servers located in all major countries).

  • Fast Setup
  • World Wide Servers
  • Clan / Group Pay
  • No Setup Fee
  • Quality Network
  • Quality Hardware
  • Service Support 24/7
  • Service Monitoring 24/7


4 – Survival Servers



Survival Servers have been in business since 2012.  Originally known for their ARMA hosting they have since expanded to many other games.  They have datacenters for all major locations in the US and a couple in Europe.  One feature is their ARK configuration tool.  With their config tool you can easily install mods, switch maps and change just about any setting through their control panel.


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