Battlefield 4 Dedicated Server Setup

Battlefield 4 Dedicated Server Setup


You love battlefield 4 and now you want to run your own server with your own maps, laws, and team. What you are looking for is a battlefield 4 dedicated server setup guide.  First off EA (owner of battlefield 4) took a new direction with the game.  No longer can you host a private server on your own but you have to rent one from a supported company such as our partner  The reason EA did this with battlefield 4 is specutive but mostly it comes down to control.  As game server hosting providers are regulated by EA and everything is connected to a central hive it would be impossible for the average Joe to get connected into the system.  This has made many that loved having private servers for clans angry but honestly I see this happening for the future with EA games.

For Console you can rent a server directly through the game though you do not get all the features and control you have with a PC server it still works well for those wanting to have a bit of control of who they play with and what maps run.

Here are some things that can help with your battlefield 4 dedicated server!

!kick Draino [reason for the kick]

!tban Draino [reason for the temp. ban] (bans for 5 minutes)

!ban Draino [reason for the ban]

!kill Draino (does not hurt the person’s stats when you use this command, great for removing glitched players, or players who are confused. I used this once to kill the bomb carrier on my obliteration team when he was carrying the bomb the wrong way since he had never played the mode before)

!move Draino (moves the person to the other team. It will kill the player first if they are alive, but this will not hurt their kdr stats. Use this for to help autobalance the server. I use this on myself a lot.)

!nextmap (immediately ends the round and moves to the next map on the rotation)

!say [message] (gives an “admin says message” in the chat HUD – useful to warn people about language and such)

!psay [playername] [message] (gives a private message only to the person listed – useful for private warnings)

!scramble (kills all players and immediately scrambles the teams. Use this sparingly, and be sure to warn people in the server first)

!scrambleround (scrambles teams at the end of the round)

!map [mapname] (immediately changes the server to this map – see examples below).

Example 1: !map mp_Resort Obliteration0 1 (changes to hainan resort, Obliteration mode, one round).

Example 2!map mp_journey ConquestLarge0 1 (changes to Golmud Railway, Conquest Large mode, one round)

Example 3!map xp3_003 RushLarge0 2 (changes to Guilin Peaks, Rush mode, 2 rounds)

Game modes include: ConquestLarge, ConquestSmall, RushLarge, and Obliteration. See map names below.

Official Map Names:

Hainan Resort – mp_resort

Paracel Storm – mp_naval

Flood Zone – mp_flooded

Rogue Transmission – mp_TheDish

Operation Locker – mp_prison

Golmud Railway – mp_journey

Zavod 311 – mp_Abandoned

Lancang Dam – mp_damage

Dawnbreaker – mp_tremors

China Rising map names:

Silk Road – xp1_001

Altai Range – xp2_002

Guilin Peaks – xp3_003

Dragon Pass – xp4_004

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