Dayz Standalone Dedicated Server Setup

Dayz Standalone Dedicated Server Setup


Looking to setup your DayZ Standalone Dedicated server?  Well I have a bit of bad news for you if you have a giant box at home waiting to be used.  You cant.  You have to rent from a certified provider and even after that you only have the ability to change the servers name and kick players.  Useful for when you get tired of hackers but still lacks the great power that we had with the DayZ mod.

The development team decided to go with a hive infrastructure to  run DayZ.  Players can work a hosting provider to get there own server but because it is connected the central hive they do not have full access to control the server.  It would simply be impossible to allow players to run there own server on there own hardware and keep the hive secure and protected.  With that being said I would recommend looking at  Here are there prices for default setup.  You can change slot sizes as you please but currently the minimum server slot size is 30 slots.


The Prices are high becuase the developers require GSP to host a set amount of free servers in order to be able to sell server hosting to players.  In order for them to recoup the losses from these free server GSPs have set a much higher price to host your own DayZ public server.

You can get a private server for a bit cheaper and have more access to admin tools.  This will not be connected to the hive and will require players to manually connect to the server instead of a list.  You may soon be able to setup a private hive with your own mods, configs, etc…  but the developers are currently worried about factoring the community.  Here is a video where they discuss private servers/hives.

  1. AlexAlex05-05-2015

    You can go [REDACTED] yourself big time.
    I wont ever never not in a million years pay 68.95 for a fucking 30 players game server ahahahahhahahaha

    • NoxNox05-05-2015

      Looks like it was lowered to 40 bucks. Still really freaking expensive but that is because the developers are requiring certain hardware in order to become a part of the node. It mentions why GSPs are charging X amount. Dayz Standalone is a weird deal for sure.

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. AlexAlex05-05-2015

    Sorry for being harsh and aggressive but I have a dedicated box sitting there 64 gb of RAM 8Core Xeon CPU. I was trying to host a server but I wasn’t able to.

    • NoxNox05-05-2015

      Ya I was surprised when I went to research Dayz server setup procedure. Could not do it. Wrote the article to hopefully explain it to future researchers.

      Thanks for the comment I am updating the table with the correct prices now.

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