How to set up a Cube World server

How to set up a Cube World server


This guide is for how to set up a cube world server for both windows and linux.  Cube world only ships with the windows server files but a great community has provided an opensource solution for other platforms call cuwo.  This guide is design for a cube world dedicated server in a datacenter with a public IP address.  If you want to run a cube world server at home you can use this guide but will need to forward your ports on your router.  Forward the port 12345 to your servers to allow players from outside your home network to connect.

By default Cube world servers are maxed at 10 players.  You can change the .ini file to make bigger but its not currently supported at this stage in development!  For stable server performance keep the max player setting at 10 until its patched.


Install Cube World
After you install Cube World, go to your installation directory (by default it is C:\Program Files (x86)\Cube World).
Double-click Server.exe.
You will see a command prompt window open, now your server client is running:


Start your game client to test and see if your server is working: click start game, select your character, then click on “Connect to Server”.

Enter Your IP Address or “”

Thats it!  You will need to forward the port 12345 if you are using a private IP address.

Linux uses a community made program called Cuwo.  It is very easy to install in comparison to trying to run cube world on wine.  I highly recommend that you try it instead of using wine to emulate the windows files for cube world.

You do need 2GB of SWAP space in order to compile and run cuwu.  It is also recommended to have at least 1GB of RAM for a small server.

1. Install Pre-recs

sudo apt-get install -y python3.4 python3.4-dev python3-pip build-essential

sudo pip3 install cython

2. Download Cuwu


3.Unzip the package to a folder of your choice

4. Change your current location to the extracted directory

cd ~/cuwu

5. build Cuwu

python3.4 build_ext –inplace

6. Edit the configuration file to whatever settings you want.  It is well documented so just read the comments for each setting

nano config/

7. Start the cuwu server




Windows Slash Commands ( everyone can use)

/connect [ServerName or IP]This allows you to connect to a server in-game.
/disconnectThis will disconnect you from the current server.
/namepet [name]This allows you to name your pet.
/name [name]This allows you to rename yourself.


Cuwo Admin Commands

/say (message)Sends {message} to all players.
/kick (player)Forcibly disconnects (player)
/setclock {time}Sets the current world time to {time}.
{time} must be in 24hr clock format, e.g. '13:37'
/ban {player} [reason]Blacklists a {player} and announces it in chat as '{player} has been banned: [reason]'.
/unban {IP}Unban an IP address.
/kill {player}Kills a player and announces it in chat as '{player} was killed'.
/stun {player} [duration]Stun {player} for [duration] milliseconds. (1 second is 1000 milliseconds)
/heal {player} [amount]Heals a player for [amount] HP.

Cuwo player Commands

/player {player}Displays the given player's character information in the format
/pm {player} {message}Sends a private message to {player} in the format '{you} (PM): {message}'.
/serverDisplays information about the server, including the current cuwo revision and OS
/whoList the names of all connected players.
/whowhereList the names and world locations of all connected players.
/whereis [player]Shows your position if [player] is left blank.
/login {password}Elevates your permissions to enable Admin Commands.

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