How to set up a Terraria Server

How to set up a Terraria Server

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If you are looking for how to set up a Terraria Server you have come to the right guide!  Terraria servers are orginally designed for windows only but through and awesome linux community and gamers you can run a Terraria server on linux as well.  My guide is designed for those wanting a Terraria dedicated server with a public IP address.  You can use the same set up procedures for a home machine but you will need to port forward the active ports from your router.  A simple google of your router model+portwarding will get you guide to do that.

Terraria requires lots of RAM for server depending on the amount of players you want to host.

Download the server files:

Extract the downloaded folder (right click Extract all)

Inside the extracted server you will need to set the server config. The default values will have a # sign in front of each line.  Remove that to make the line active and working.  Check the default serverconfig.txt in case you mess up the original file.

Once you have your config file set double click the start-server.bat file.

That will open up a command window and it will start your server!

Use your IP address to connect the server.

Not finished testing 🙁


#this is an example config file for TerrariaServer.exe
#use the command ‘TerrariaServer.exe -config serverconfig.txt’ to use this configuration or run start-server.bat
#please report crashes by emailing crashlog.txt to

#the following is a list of available command line parameters:

#-config <config file> Specifies the configuration file to use.
#-port <port number> Specifies the port to listen on.
#-players <number> / -maxplayers <number> Sets the max number of players
#-pass <password> / -password <password> Sets the server password
#-world <world file> Load a world and automatically start the server.
#-autocreate <#> Creates a world if none is found in the path specified by -world. World size is specified by: 1(small), 2(medium), and 3(large).
#-banlist <path> Specifies the location of the banlist. Defaults to “banlist.txt” in the working directory.
#-worldname <world name> Sets the name of the world when using -autocreate.
#-secure Adds addition cheat protection to the server.
#-noupnp Disables automatic port forwarding

#Set’s the max number of players allowed on a server. Value must be between 1 and 255

#Load a world and automatically start the server.
#world=C:\Users\Defaults\My Documents\My Games\Terraria\Worlds\world1.wld

#Set the port number

#Set the server password

#Set the message of the day
#motd=Please don’t cut the purple trees!

#Sets the folder where world files will be stored
#worldpath=C:\Users\Defaults\My Documents\My Games\Terraria\Worlds\

#Creates a new world if none is found. World size is specified by: 1(small), 2(medium), and 3(large).

#Sets the name of the world when using autocreate

#The location of the banlist. Defaults to “banlist.txt” in the working directory.

#Adds addition cheat protection.

#Sets the server language 1:English, 2:German, 3:Italian, 4:French, 5:Spanish

#Automatically forward ports with uPNP

#Reduces enemy skipping but increases bandwidth usage. The lower the number the less skipping will happen, but more data is sent. 0 is off.

#Default system priority 0:Realtime, 1:High, 2:AboveNormal, 3:Normal, 4:BelowNormal, 5:Idle

Command Function Uses
help Displays a list of commands. Useful if you can’t remember all the commands
playing Shows the list of players Useful if someone is sneaking onto your server and hiding in some secret underground cavern
clear Clear the console window Useful after a save command an autosave as it will clear the window from all the saving text that fills it up
exit Shutdown the server and save the world.
exit-nosave Shutdown the server without saving the world.
save Save the game world Useful if you just want to log on to do something in a short period of time. Sometimes if you used the Host & Play option within Terraria itself and just wanted to do something really quick to the terrain it would end up not being saved.
kick <player> Kicks a player from the server Kick someone. Useful for maintaining order on your server. The player you kicked WILL be able to re-join the server. However, you can ban them… See below.
ban <player> Bans a player from the server It bans a player. They cannot re-join the server with the same character anymore. Useful if they only have one character that has been causing mayhem.
password Show password Useful if you’ve forgot what the password is and want to let someone onto your server.
password <pass> Change password Useful for encrypting access to your server, so you can only allow certain people on the server.
version Print version number People need same version number to connect? Currently no use, except for knowing what version of TerrariaServer.exe you’re running. However, you can already find that out by looking at the status bar at the top of the console.
time Display game time
port Print the listening port Acts like the password command. Shows you what port the executable is listening on.
maxplayers Print the max number of players Useful if you need to expand / limit your server’s use
say <words> Send a message Helps let people know who’s the boss
motd Print MOTD This isn’t really explained well in the help menu. But the MOTD is the message of the Server when you log on.
motd <words> Change MOTD This and the Config.txt file are the only 2 ways to change the MOTD atm
dawn Change time to dawn
noon Change time to noon
dusk Change time to dusk Useful for Spawning the Eye of Cthulhu and/or other monsters/bosses that only appear in the night.
midnight Change time to midnight Useful for Spawning the Eye of Cthulhu and/or other monsters/bosses that only appear in the night.
settle Settle all water. Other than Save and Ban one of the most useful commands for the server. You know when everyone on your server thinks its cool to drain every body of water into The Underworld… Well this command will settle all the water movement quickly. Mostly because with enough water moving it tends to lock up liquid movement.

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