Killing Floor 2 Dedicated Server Setup

Killing Floor 2 Dedicated Server Setup


Killing floor 2 is the second game in the series from tripwire.  The dedicated server setup is very similar to the first edition and  works for both windows and linux operating systems (Linux not available in Beta Release).  As the game is in early release right now expect that the servers will need to be updated constantly and crashing may happen on occasion.  Killing floor 2 dedicated servers are setup using the SteamCMD program so expect some command line action for the basic setup.

I rented a 2gb Windows VPS server from for 17 bucks (code: SAVE15)  to test this out on.  I will be going over hardware requirements after testing is complete.  I use Windows Server 2012 for my testing of Killing floor 2 Dedicated Server files.

Ports Used:  Make sure to port forward from your router and allow through your firewall!

Steam Ports: 27015 and 20560

Killing Floor 2 Ports: 7777

Windows Killing Floor 2 Dedicated Server Setup


For a clean install of Server 2012 I needed to install DirectX runtime and C++ packages.  You can download and install it directly from microsoft

  1. Download the SteamCMD Update Tool:
  2.  Extract the Zip folder to another directory (c:\steam)
  3. After extracting is complete open a Command Prompt Window
    1. Start
    2. Type “cmd”
    3. Select cmd.exe
  4. Navigate to the folder where you extracted SteamCMD too.
    1. cd c:\steam
  5. Launch SteamCMD
    1. steamcmd
  6. Login
    1. login anonymous
    2. NOTE:  You must own Killing Floor 2 in order to Download the Killing floor 2 Dedicated Server Setup files.  Make sure to use an account that has KF2.  This has been changed
    3. NOTE: If you have SteamGuard You will need to verify the account with SteamCMD.  It will prompt you for this.  The SteamGuard code should be in your email
  7. Set the Path to for the killing floor 2 dedicated server files to go to
    1. force_install_dir c:\KF2Server\
    2. NOTE: You can set this to wherever you want.  Just make sure the folder is already made and you have all full permissions to it
  8. Download or Update your Killing Floor 2 Dedicated Server
    1. app_update 232130 validate
    2. NOTE: You can remove the validate part for updating your server
  9. Start your server
    1. start c:\KF2Server\Binaries\win64\kfserver kf-bioticslab
    2. NOTE: This is the default server startup.  Check the Advance configuration TAB for more options.

The KF2 beta is limited right now.





Killing Floor 2 Dedicated servers have optional setup procedures.

Inside the extracted folder you will see the \KFGame\Config\PCServer-KFGame.ini

Open this with a standard Text Editor (notepad++)

What can be edited

AdminPassword – This is the password for admin access

GamePassword – Set this if you want to have a password to connect to the game

ServerName – Set this if you want to have a non default name for your server

AdminContact – Add contact information (email/names) for players to contact the admins if needed


Webadmin allows for easier management of your server.  If you are not a command line wizard I recommend trying it out.

Open the KFweb.ini

Confirm line: bEnabled=true


Change if you do not want default settings

Navigate to the IP of your machine plus :8080 with your favorite web browser


Log in with your normal access credentials that you set in the above .ini file.


Videos are coming soon.

  1. SkribbSkribb04-21-2015


    Thanks for the guide! There is one problem for me tho, the start command doesn’t seem to be working. It says that start is not a correct command.
    Whats wrong?

    • SkribbSkribb04-21-2015


      Thanks for the guide! There is one problem for me tho, the start command doesn’t seem to be working. It says that start is not a correct command.
      Whats wrong?

      I think I solved it. Was starting it from the wrong folder.

      • NoxNox04-21-2015

        Awesome! Glad it got resolved.

        Happy gaming!

        • EddieEddie04-21-2015

          Hey man. I get this bug after I launch steamcmd by dragging it into the Command Prompt: Error: Steam needs to be online to update, Please confirm your network connection and try again. My steam is online tho, so I don’t really understand why this happens. Please help me

          • NoxNox04-21-2015

            That is a wierd one. Try running the command prompt as admin

            right click on cmd.exe > Run as Administrator


            A restart is always a good idea as well

      • SchmuzzSchmuzz04-22-2015

        Hey, which folder were you starting it from? Having the same problem.

  2. ShweatyBallsShweatyBalls04-21-2015

    Hey! This guide is a nice condensed version from the wiki page but I did run into a problem. I can’t seem to get the dedicated server to download. It gives me an error and says (No Subscription) when I typed in that command. I may have not properly set the directory because when I type in that command there is no verification, is there suppose to be?

    • NoxNox04-21-2015

      You need to log into steamcmd with an account that owns Killing Floor 2 in order to download the dedicated server files. That is what that error means. Steam is saying you do not own kf2 🙁

      Thank you for the compliment!

      • ShweatyBallsShweatyBalls04-21-2015

        Well that is strange, I’m using the only steam account I have and I just bought KF2 at around 3:30 today, it let me log in and everything just fine but that account definitely has KF2 on it… Any suggestion as to why it might do that? :/

        • GustavoGustavo04-21-2015

          try logging in as anonymous, worked for me.

  3. JonJon04-21-2015

    I just baught the game, and i have followed all the steps, but when i get to the updating part, it either says failed to update no subscription, or that i am offline. I’m not sure what i am doing wrong!

    • JonJon04-21-2015

      Wait wait i just realized i installed it in D:\

      Is that gonna be a problem?

      • NoxNox04-21-2015

        Not at all! Just make sure that when you use the start command that you have the right path listed.

        • JonJon04-21-2015

          lol yeah i looked it up. still have the issue of it thinking i dont own it. everything works perfect until i try to update

    • ShweatyBallsShweatyBalls04-21-2015

      same here Jon, it’s quite confusing!

  4. MikuMikuMikuMiku04-21-2015

    Hey, I seem to have ran into a problem. Everything is working fine, but my friend cannot join the server. Any idea as to what could have gone wrong?

  5. JonJon04-21-2015



    the actual code should be 215350, unless thats just for me, but the tripwire siki said 215350

    • NoxNox04-21-2015

      It shows 232130 on the wiki and on steams server home site. Not sure where that code came from…

    • ShweatyBallsShweatyBalls04-21-2015

      Have you actually tried that code and can confirm it works? The wiki does say 232130 but that also does not work for me.

      • NoxNox04-21-2015

        Eh ill wipe my server and test it but it will be a couple hours before I respond! Sorry for the delay

      • BadjBadj04-21-2015

        Your code worked for me. but since my school got all the ports locked as i expected the batch file doesn’t run.

  6. JonJon04-21-2015

    You’re right…was looking at the wiki for the original killing floor…

    • NoxNox04-21-2015

      Haha it happens 😛 Wish I knew how to help you guys

      • JonJon04-21-2015

        well the last thing is it will not accept start as a command

        • PsychicPsychic04-21-2015

          Yes, I have this issue as well. It says “command not found: start”.
          What now?

          • Mr.BlackHeartMr.BlackHeart04-24-2015

            I am having the exact same “command not found: start” issue as well.

            Anybody find a fix to this?

  7. JonJon04-21-2015

    I really need help! I set the password inside the kfgame ini and im using the default admin username but it says invalid login for wbadmin

  8. JadesJades04-22-2015

    I set it up but apparently its a LAN server by default…how do I change that?

  9. AlexAlex04-22-2015

    on app_update 232130, it tells me that it failed (No subscription), but I have kf2 on my account.
    I do have the deluxe edition, could it be affecting it, even though I have the tool in my steam library

    • AlexAlex04-22-2015

      NEVERMIND I found a fix to this!

      You simply have to log in as “anonymous”, no password necessary.

      • NoxNox04-22-2015

        Great thank you for the update!

    • NoxNox04-22-2015

      Ooo I bet that deluxe edition is the issue! Try logging in as anonymous and see if that works. Please let me know so I can update the guide.

  10. Brian AshforthBrian Ashforth09-15-2015

    Cheers for the guide. was easy enough to get going with your instructions. Found a few minor problems that I struggled with, but i eventually got there 🙂 cheers for the help.

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