Killing Floor Dedicated Server Setup

Killing Floor Dedicated Server Setup

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Setting up a killing floor dedicated server is pretty easy for windows and a bit harder for linux.  You will need to have a semi powerful system in order to run a server with a high player populous but any standard gaming machine should be able to run it fine.

Standard ports that need to be opened on your firewall and forwarded from your router

  • 7707 UDP/IP (Game Port)
  • 7708 UDP/IP (Query Port)
  • 7717 UDP/IP (GameSpy Query Port)
  • 28852 TCP/IP and UDP (Allows your Server to Connect to the Master Server Browser)
  • 8075 TCP/IP (Port set via ListenPort that your WebAdmin will run on)
  • 20560 UDP/IP (Steam Port)

Killing floor dedicated server setup guides

Installing SteamCmd

Go to and make new Steam account – no need for any games on it, this account will be needed later.

Download the SteamCMD Update Tool – Windows Installer (MD5: 1aa2b3206b9626f20dface42b9bcf7f0) to the destination directory, for example c:\SteamCmd.

Unpack it. Note: Do not extract the contents of the updater tool to the regular Steam Client folder or to a folder that has the older HLDSUpdateTool program.

Run command prompt (start->run->cmd).

Change to the install directory: cd /d c:\SteamCmd

Run steamcmd to update itself: steamcmd
Note: If you have a Steam running on the same machine you want to install server, then first of all close and exit Steam – you will avoid errors with SteamCmd thinking that another copy of Steam is already running.
Note: Make sure you have “automatically detect settings” selected in the network options tab of Internet Explorer, else you may receive an error stating that you can’t connect. You can see extra info by using the help command: help

Notice that you are in Steam prompt, since there is Steam> in front of the line.

Log in with your Steam account created at the beginning: login You should see something like this on successful login Logging in user to Steam Public…Success.

If you receive a Steam Guard error, check your e-mail for your access code and execute the following commands (you’ll only need to do this once): set_steam_guard_code yourcodehere login

Installing KillingFloor server

For now it is assumed that your game server will be in c:\KFServer\. You must tell SteamCmd to force install the game in that directory: force_install_dir c:\KFServer\

Install game server. If you selected the directory that already contains the game, it will be updated:
app_update 215350 validate

Note: You must turn off the server before trying to update, otherwise it will fail.

You should see progress of game server installation or update. Once finished, type quit at the Steam> prompt to properly log off of the Steam servers.

Now you may turn on the server.

First we need to create a directory to store the server files in:

  • mkdir kfserver

Next navigate to the directory and download the update tool”

  • cd kfserver
  •  wget

Set the downloaded tool to be an executable:

  • chmod +x hldsupdatetool.bin

Run the tool and use the following commands to download the server files:

  • ./hldsuptatetool.bin
  • ./steam
  • ./steam -command update -game killingfloor -dir .

Server files should now be installed and ready to go!

Run the server by using the following command (change as needed)

  • ./ucc-bin server KF-BioticsLab.rom?game=KFmod.KFGameType?VACSecured=true?MaxPlayers=6?AdminName=admin?AdminPassword=admin

Open up a browser and point it to the IP address of the server hosted (example: make sure you allowed the ports listed above.

Command Description
adminlogin pas3erword Logs you in as admin using password
adminlogout Logs out admin mod
admin adminsay message Displays message in the middle of each player’s screen
admin map KF-mapname.rom Changes current map to KF-mapname.rom
admin Switch KF-mapname.rom Changes current map to KF-mapname.rom
pause Pauses the game
admin Kick remove a user from the game. A user can either be their ID (as shown by kick list)
admin KickBan Ban a user from the game. A user can either be their ID (as shown by kick list)
admin RestartMap Restart Current Map.
admin NextMap Go to NextMap.
admin PlayerList Write player list save to KillingFloor.log
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