Red Orchestra 2 Dedicated Server Setup

Red Orchestra 2 Dedicated Server Setup

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Red Orchestra 2 dedicated server setup is pretty simple but can be very complex in the configuration.  I would recommend reading through the config and making a copy of the roconfig.ini file in case you mess anything up during the dedicated server setup.  Currently Red Orchestra 2 dedicated servers are only supported for Windows but some people have been able to get it running on linux using wine.  Most reports I have research on this is that it is not super stable at this time.  Hopefully in the future they will release a linux version of the server files but for now I will only post the guide for the windows configuration.


Step One:  Create a directory to hold the steamCMD file and Red Orchestra 2 Server files

  • Create C:\steamcmd\
  • Create C:\RedOrchestra2\

Step 2: Download SteamCMD and extract it to C:\steamcmd\

Step 3: Open command prompt and navigate to the SteamCMD files that we extract in step 2

  • Click Start > Type: CMD > right click on command prompt > Run as Administrator
  • In the black command window type: cd C:\steamcmd

Step 4: Run steamcmd, login, and download the left 4 dead 2 server files

  • steamcmd.exe
  • login USERNAME
  • STEAMGUARD (If its enabled)
  • force_install_dir C:\RedOrchestra2 (This will change the download directory to  the one we created for Red Orchestra 2)
  • app_update 212542 validate

SteamCMD will now start downloading Red Orchestra 2 server files.  This can take a while to finish depending on your internet connection.  After its complete you can close the command window.

Step 5: Step 6: Setup your roconfig.ini file

This really depend on what maps, gamemode, mods, passwords, and other settings you want to set.  It is pretty well documented.  Another option is to setup the webadmin interface on your server.  Check out the WebAdmin tab for more info on that.

Step 6:  Open ports on firewall and router

  • TCP/UDP: 7777 (Game Port)
  • TCP/UDP: 27015 (SteamCMD)
  • TCP/UDP:8080 (WebAdmin)*

If you do not have a public IP on the server you will need to port forward from your router to your private IP on the server.  The best way to do this is just google your router model + port forward.

*For the WebAdmin I would recommend not allowing outside access to the admin tools Just use the local network for management of the server to secure your server a bit more.

Step 7: Start your server

Inside the C:\RedOrchestra2\config folder you will see a .bat file.  If you want to start your server you can just double click that!  You can also create your own ,bat file

Setting up WebAdmin is very easy.  If this is your first time setting up a Red Orchestra 2 server I would highly recommend doing this as it makes administration much easier.  WebAdmin is also the replacement for RCON that is commonly found in game servers for management (banning, map changing, etc…)

Step 1: Navigate to C:\RedOrchestra2\config\

Step 2: open roconfig.ini in notepad or another basic text manager (notepad++, vi, emacs, etc)

Step 3: Locate the line “bEnabled=false” and change it from false to true

Step 4: Locate the line “ListenPort=8080”  And change this if you want a different port to use for administration

Step 5: Save the file

Step 6: Open the port you set in windows firewall to allow for both TCP and UDP

Step 7: Open a webbrowser and browse to your servers IP address:PORT (EX:

Step 8: Login

  • Default username is “Admin”
  • Password is what you set in the password field in the roconfig.ini file.
  1. Scotty MackScotty Mack05-15-2016

    Nice guide but note for step #4, you made a mistake.
    Instead of “force_dir_install” it should be force, install, then dir.

    So: force_install_dir C:\RedOrchestra2

    hope this helps anyone stuck here.
    – Scott

    • RiccousRiccous07-06-2016

      Thanks! Made the change.

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