Reign of Kings Dedicated Server Setup

Reign of Kings Dedicated Server Setup


Reign of Kings is a new medieval early access game.  It is based on the unreal 4 engine so I fully expect a linux release along side the windows release for dedicated servers in the future.  As of now only windows servers are supported.  As of right now everything is extremely basic.  Admin commands are non-existent for dedicated servers but the developers have said they will get them added in the future release.  Overall Reign of kings is a fun game and I think the player run reign of kings dedicated servers will become much better with time.


TCP/UDP: 7350

1. Download Reign of Kings from steam

2. Browse to the folder location

  • Standard (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Reign of Kings)

3. Right Click the ROK.exe program and send to desktop (creates a shortcut to the file)

4. Right click the new shortcut and select properties

5. Add -batchmode to the properties line

Your server can now be started.  You should go back to the Reign of Kings folder and edit the serversettings.cfg and the permissions.cfg

Serversettings.cfg has all the server features (name. port. etc…)

Permissions.cfg shows who has admin privileges.  As of right now I am not sure if this is working….

You can start the server by clicking the shortcut.

Open task Manager (Right click Taskbar > Taskmanager) to view the server running.


Not available with Alpha 4 update

Not available with Alpha 4 update

Windows Setup

  1. HunterHunter03-16-2015

    Whenever i try to load it it says *steam is not available*

    Plz make a video tutorial

    • NoxNox03-16-2015

      Sounds like you need to open the port on your firewall. An easy test is to disable windows firewall completely and then launch the server. If it still has the error we may be having an issue with your router. Ill try to make the video this evening.

      • brandonbrandon03-16-2015

        if you got some free time i’d like to skype with you about the server creation

  2. DazzDazz03-16-2015

    how i knew if my server is on or off?
    does not appear nothing…

    • NoxNox03-17-2015

      Open task manager. Check out my video for more information

  3. SamSam03-16-2015

    When i click on the shortcut after adding -batchmode after it, nothing happens… what is supposed to happen

    • NoxNox03-17-2015

      Open taskmanager. You should see the ROK.exe running.

  4. brandonbrandon03-16-2015

    Ya. i did all of what you said, even port fowarded 7350 to 7350 TCP and turned off windows firewall but still nadda.
    I can see my server in the list i just cannot connect to it

    • NoxNox03-17-2015

      Try connecting to it at if you are running it on the same machine.

    • SamSam03-17-2015

      did you port forward 7340 on the UDC as well

      • SamSam03-17-2015

        sorry 7350

        • NoxNox03-17-2015


    • PatrickPatrick05-27-2015

      I ran into this issue as well and still not able to fix it. Ports are forwarded and all and the windows server doesn’t have windows firewall activated.

      Can’t figure it out…

  5. KennethKenneth03-17-2015

    Hey 🙂

    If i want to run a server on a dedicated computer, do i need to buy a seperate licence for the server? Or can i just install the game and run the server without a licence?

    • NoxNox03-17-2015

      You can copy the folder to the dedicated to computer.

      • KennethKenneth03-17-2015

        Awesome 🙂 Thx for your fast reply and the guide!

  6. KennethKenneth03-18-2015

    Can you tell me what the hardware requirments for a servers is?

    • NoxNox03-18-2015

      No idea. It will be subject to change for awhile as well. Once the Beta is launched we will have a good idea on server requirements.

  7. RickyRicky03-19-2015

    Is there a query port? or a way to set one?

  8. Pricey0804Pricey080403-22-2015

    Just letting you know, it’s not based on Unreal Engine at all. It’s all Unity. Check the ROK steamapps folder and you’ll see Mono (part of MonoDevelop from Unity) and also Unity files in the Resources folder.

  9. danieldaniel04-18-2015

    i have manage to create the server and i can go on it but when i try to get my friend to go on it it just says “connecting to server” and then goes back to the main screen what do i need to do in order for him to join

    • DeuxzDeuxz04-21-2015

      You need to port forward to the port 7350…

      Just look up a YouTube video on how to port forward

  10. SwordSword06-05-2015

    Just to ask, do I start the game normally from steam once I start the server?

    • NoxNox06-05-2015

      Yep should work without issue.


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