My Top 5 Minecraft Mods

My Top 5 Minecraft Mods

My Top 5 Minecraft Mods!

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5. OceanCraft

Oceancraft adds a new layer to minecraft by creating a vast ocean of life.  It adds 10 new mobs to the game, new blocks, and new items.  It is an awesome mod to add to any minecraft server. Check it out at  


4. Elemental Creepers

Everyone loves the creeper but this mods make creepers elementals as well!  Lava creepers, water, ice and so much more!  Add this Mod to your server for an extra bit of fun while gaming with your friends.  

3.  Tinkers Construct

Tinkers Construct is one the most popular mods and is downloaded thousands of times a month.  Tinkers Construct ads new items, mobs, and so much more.  It is an impressive piece of modding that many minecraft server owners should checkout.


2. Witchery

For me this is one of my favorite mods.  Witchery makes Minecrafy awesomener.  Adding  different magic, materials, mobs, and crafting techs to minecraft.  I feel this is one mod that gets overlooked but if you’re into magic and RPG elements in games, take a closer look at witchery for your server.


1. Weather and tornadoes

When I first saw this mod in action I was amazed at how they got the detail just right for the clouds.  I really feel this should be a mod added to tons of servers to add a bit of extra fun to minecraft.

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