Battlefield 3 Dedicated Server

Battlefield 3 Dedicated Server


So this was the first battlefield title released that requried all servers to be purchased by a game server hosting provider that works with EA.  EA decided to make battlefield 3 dedicated servers Pay to Play instead of Host to Own so they can connect player servers to their master servers for rank tracking.  Allowing none GSP servers to connect to the master system would lead to hacking and the leader boards being ruined.

They can also enforce Punk Buster this way and ensure that players are not hacking on battlefield 3 dedicated servers.  The nice thing is when punk-buster fails to find a new hack the server is still controlled by a player which allows for quick retaliation for hackers, greifers, and other sorts that most online games want to be rid of.

So what can you control if you purchase a battlefield dedicated server from a game server provider such as  Well you still get kick/ban control, map changes, server location, and a few other minor things.  You also get a server that fully meets the requirements of running the slots for the game.  This is nice as we can see less issue do to players adding a virtual machine on top of there gaming hardware.  Players will be happy to never have to lose a match because a server cannot handle all 32 players at once.

So now for prices.



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