Farming Simulator 2013 Dedicated Server Setup

Farming Simulator 2013 Dedicated Server Setup


Farming simulator 2013 allows plays to run their own dedicated server only if you purchase a DLC package for $14.  It also only runs and is supported on Windows platform.

You can purchase the software from

Also you need a copy of the game to put on the server.  It also must be a Non Steam version of the game.  Like most people if you used steam you will need to purchase a copy of the game and install it on the server directly from the site before installing the dedicated part.

Alternatively you can just use a host like to host your dedicated server and while there is a fee to host on the server platform you do not need to purchase the software to do it.  If you do not have server resources or the network requirements to run farming simulator 2013 dedicated server I would recommend you take that path.

Default Ports: 10823

After you have purchased the farming simulator 2013 dedicated server software you need download the .ZIP file

Extract the file using 7zip or another program.

Next we need to allow Port 8080 through the windows firewall.  This is the management port for web management of Farming Simulator 2013 dedicated server.

Click Start and in the search area type “Windows Firewall” .  Allow TCP port 8080 for both inbound and outbound.  Also add Port 10823 as allowed inbound and outbound. 10823 is used for game communication with clients.

Inside the previously extracted folder you will find a dedicatedserver.exe and a dedicatedserver.xml file.

Open the .XML file with notepad and copy down the username and password.

Double click the dedicatedserver.exe file and a black command windows should show up as in Figure 2


Open a web browser on the server and enter the following:

Or if you have a public IP address on the server you can enter that with the :8080 after it.

Log in with the credentials found in the .XML

Console mode is disabled by default. If you want to enable it so you can optimize the game while its running you need to edit your game file game.xml

Browse your computer to the game location. Inside the farmingsimulator2013 folder you will find game.xml file.  Open it with notepad and scroll though it until you see the following



Make Sure you set it to true and save the file

You can now access the games command console using the ~ key while in game.

Command Description
enableFramerateLimit Enable/disable frame per second limiter
exit, quit or q Quits application
framerateLimitFPS Frame per second limit attribute
globalClipDistance Global clipping distance. Additional distance clipping per object (at center of object).
globalCullOverride Global cull override. If true no visibility culling is used.
listEntities Print detailed entity list
listResources Print detailed resource list
parallelRenderingAndPhysics Enable parallel rendering and physics
reload Reloads resource with given name
reloadAll Reload all resources with given type
showDebugAudioSource Show debug audio sources
showDebugLightSources Show debug lights
showDebugRendering Show debug rendering. Global switch for all debug rendering.
showFps Show frames per second
showShapeBoundingVolume Show shape bounding volumes
showTransformGroupFrames Show debug transform group frames
sortGeometry Sort render queue by material sort id
cls Clear Screen
gsStartFieldAuction Starts a new field auction
gsSetDayTime Sets the day time in hours
gsStartRain Starts rain
gsCheatMoney Add a lot of money
gsCheatSilo Add silo amount
gsCheatFeedingTrough Add grass to feeding through
gsFillVehicle Fills the vehicle with given filltype
gsAddBale Adds a bale
gsActivateCameraPath Activate camera path
gsCheatMoney Add a lot of money
gsStartIngameMission Starts a new ingame mission
gsAutoSave Enables/disables auto save
gsAutoSaveInterval Sets the auto save interval
gsToggleShowNetworkTraffic Toggle network traffic visualization
gsToggleNetworkDebug Toggle network debugging
gsToggleFlightAndNoHUDMode Enables/disables the flight (J) and no HUD (O) toggle keys
gsVehicleToggleDebugRendering Toggles the debug rendering of the vehicles
gsVehicleReloadFromXML Reload xml of current vehicle
gsVehicleAnalyze Analyze vehicle


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